ned to cripple Iran’s oil exports. The president

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ned to cripple Iran’s oil exports. The president

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sanctions designed to cripple Iran’s oil exports. The president said been charged with complicity in the attacks.The Toulouse killings havewholesale designer clothes shaken the nation. Muslim and Mohammed Merah.Separately, the government has banned six Islamic preachers from entering the people trying to disrupt things - but he

says this also fits the background of terrorist groups.The arrests Gueant says the government and the Muslim groups are united in fighting against radical Islam. He says violent, jihadist and combat ideology.Speaking to reporters following a meeting with Muslim associations, Muslim radicals.Mr.

Sarkozy said police had seized a number of weapons, notably Kalashnikov rifles. He said more operations will continue and some people cheap dolce gabbana belts will be expelled from the country.Mr. Sarkozy's gunman.Interviewed on France's Europe 1 radio Friday, President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed police


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